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How to Maintain Garage Door Rollers

04/06/2015 Back To Blog

Each and every one of the garage door parts requires special care so that the entire system operates effectively and safely. The rollers are no exception to this rule. They work to guide the door along the tracks during opening and closing. If they are in poor condition, the door may shake during movement, operate slowly and even get out of the tracks. It can also produce annoying squeaky or popping sounds. In order to avoid all of these issues, you simply need to maintain these components effectively.How to Maintain Garage Door Rollers

Full Inspection

You need to inspect each one of the garage door rollers carefully and watch out for wear and tear, damage and breakage. This applies to the hinges which hold them as well. Follow the instructions and tips provided here strictly.

Check the wheels and stems from all sides - When inspecting the wheels, you should look for dullness, dents and deep scratches. Make sure that they are firmly connected to the stems. The stems should be straight and full and not twisted and dull. Rollers with bent stems must be replaced timely. In general, when it comes to replacement, you can opt for components with wheels which are made from nylon and stems made from metal. The so called nylon rollers are quieter than the metal ones. In any case, you have to ensure that the metal used for the making of the components must be sufficiently thick and strong and resistant to rust.

Inspect the roller hinges carefully - These garage door hinges have cylinders which hold the stems. The cylinders must be perfectly round. If they have become oval, this means that they have worn-out and replacement is required. If the hinges are loose, you need to tighten the bolts which hold them in place. Replace any missing or damaged bolts. Damaged and severely worn-out hinges must be replaced without delay.

Cleaning and Lubrication

The instructions which are provided below are for all-metal rollers. The nylon ones require gentle cleaning with dry cloth or brush and no lubrication maintenance whatsoever.

Use proper cleaning material, tool and technique - Make sure that you put gloves on for protection. Rust has to be removed with specially formulated material which is effective and safe. Grease and dirt are best removed with solvent which should be applied with a soft brush or lint-free cloth. Use stroking movements to remove the dirt. The material will loosen the accumulations so the technique should be easy to apply. 

Apply good-quality lubricant carefully - Once the parts are perfectly dry, you can apply lubricant. Choose a product that is recommended or approved by the manufacturer of your overhead door. Light household oil should do a good job. Graphite lubricant is recommended in case the hardware components get a lot of dust and insects tend to stick to them. In case of cold weather, the use of lithium spray provides smoother door operation at all times. Apply the lubricant evenly on the wheels and stems and run one full cycle to ensure that it is spread properly.

Provide full care to the rollers during every garage door maintenance session.

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