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How to Perform Basic Opener Troubleshooting

04/06/2015 Back To Blog

You should avoid panicking when there is a problem with the garage door opener. The important thing is to take measures for the prevention of additional problems and an accident. You can also do a number of things to identify the precise cause of the issue. Follow the steps outline below for complete peace of mind.Basic Opener Troubleshooting

Disprove Remote Problems

This is the first thing to do if the device does not work at all. You should use the wall-mounted button to start it. If the opener operates fine with the button, then the issue must be with the garage door clicker. The primary troubleshooting step is to replace the batteries. Before you do this, you should clean the battery contacts if they got rusty and remove any dust from the cover of the infrared unit. If the remote control still does not work, it must be repaired or replaced.

Check the Safety Sensors

When the opener cannot close the overhead door fully and the unit keeps reversing, the issue may be with the safety sensors rather than with the device itself. Similarly, if the door can be opened with the remote control, but cannot be closed with it, then these electronic components are most likely the cause of the problem.

Check the wiring and watch out for cuts and fraying. Look into the photo eyes and remove any dust and dirt accumulated on them with the use of soft dry cloth. You can dampen it a bit to loosen stubborn dirt, if needed. Make sure that the sensors are properly aligned to face each other precisely. Then you can test the sensors by blocking one of them with a solid object while the door is opened and engaging the closing. The door must not move from its position. If the opener still does not work properly, the safety sensors must be repaired or replaced. You can always turn to Garage Door Repair Buffalo to fix it for you.

Prevent Further Issues

If the electric operator cannot be stared at all or if the motor works, but the other components do not move, the unit must be disconnected from its power source straight away. This should also be done if the device has started to run too slowly or makes strange disturbing noises. You must not operate the door before the issue is resolved. If you have to open it manually, you need to disconnect it from the opener by pulling the release cable or rope.

Inspect the Opener

You should check the garage door trolley, track and drive which are the main components of the opener system. Watch out for damage, deformation and breakage. If the drive is made from metal, it must be properly lubricated. You should also inspect the wiring of the device to see if it is in good condition.

If the problem is not with the visible components, it must be with the ones inside the motor unit. One of the most commonly found issues is chipped or completely broken moving gear. More serious issues include failed motor and damaged or malfunctioning logic board.

Start using the device only after effective garage door opener repair has been provided.

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