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Garage Door Insulation Info and Tips


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Garage Door Insulation Info and Tips

Garage Door Insulation | Garage Door Repair Buffalo, MN

Your garage door is the largest possible entry point to your house. Unfortunately, that makes it your home's most vulnerable spot. Air from aside can easily pass through the tiniest gaps and cracks and thus possibly prevent you from maintaining a desired temperature.

Luckily, there's an easy way for you to deal with this issue – insulate it.

Types of Doors

Before starting insulation, identifying the kind of door you currently have is essential. There are four main types: swing out, swing up, roll up, and side-sliding. Aside from apparent aesthetical differences, each type is made from specific materials, which are usually the biggest determining factor when choosing the insulating method. Wood is the cheapest and most common garage door material. The other main material types consist of metal and aluminum. Although often less visually appeasing, these materials often require less maintenance work and tend to last longer.

The Benefits of Insulated Doors

Insulated garage doors provide several benefits, both financially and. For once, noise can be greatly reduced. Although polyurethane foam can moderately increase the weight of your door, it will prevent a lot of outside sounds from getting through. As long as your opener's motor can handle the load, the soundproofing quality gained by this method can be worth the few extra pounds.

Strength of Insulated Doors

A garage door's insulation rating is called an R–value. If the value is high, the door has a strong insulative quality. Therefore, when choosing a new model, you'll want to consider one with a High R-value, especially for cold climate areas. It can be the difference between having your heaters running 24/7 or not, which is a major economical, if not environmental consideration. Low R–value offers less regarding temperature insulation, but can still keep your garage free from moisture, pests and rodents in most cases. Be sure to contact us to have our experts make sure your garage is as insulated as it can be.


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