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A few informative tips

We had our experts round up a few tips to help you take better care of your garage door. Be sure to check again for more updated information.

Call a professional to fix a broken spring

Torsion springs are dangerous when they are mishandled. Over the years, there have been many accidents directly related to incidents involving the garage door springs. When you find that your torsion spring has snapped, call for safe and professional assistance to help with any appropriate repair or replacement solutions.

Test your torsion springs once a year

You'll need to disconnect the opener for this. You can do so by pulling the release handle. Now lift the door up until it is opened half way through. For safety precautions, a second person's assistance is preferable. Now release the door to see what happens. If it goes up or down fast, the spring has to be adjusted immediately.

Know when to replace your garage door and opener

According to our technicians, it’s best to consider garage door replacement if the door is old and faulty, rather than having it repaired. You should also consider upgrading to a new garage door opener, as the newer models come with advanced safety features. A properly working overhead door ensures your home stays safe and secure.

Inspect all garage door cables closely

If you have a door with extension springs, you must check the safety cables that run alongside them in addition to the lift cables. You should inspect the entire length of each component for fraying and for minor cuts as well. If the wear and tear is extensive and/or if there are visible cuts, cable replacement is required.


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